Supplement Prescription

Health, Fitness, and Performance

Weight loss, health, fitness, performance training, and aging must all be accompanied with a proper nutritional program.  Even if you are a healthy eater, it is important to complement your diet with a proper supplement program.  

Proper supplement prescription can make or break an athletes performance, or be the catalyst that helps fight disease or aging.  Each individual should be assessed and then prescribed exactly what they need, based on their health or goals.

We prescribe only the best supplements.  Brian is a distributor of Atrium Innovations supplements. Under the Atriim label, are three separate companies.  These are Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, and Klean Athletes.

The Douglas and Pure lines are pharmaceutical grade supplements, designed for many health concerns.  There are over 2000 different supplements provided by these two companies.  The Klean Athlete line, is a pharmaceutical grade sports nutrition supplemental line.  It is designed to take athletes to the next level of performance, and is tested pure of any contaminants. 


Ordering Information

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