Harris Training Systems, LLC offers a full line of dietary supplements from which we prescribe the ideal combination of necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure your body is healthy.  We use Douglas Labs and its sister company, Pure Encapsulations, as our pharmaceutical grade supplement supplier.

Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy life.  Many times an individual cannot consume the desired amounts of vitamins and minerals.  For athletes, supplements maybe a necessity.  Athletes especially  need certain supplements to help them perform at a high level and also recover properly after training and racing.

Harris Training Systems can analyze your diet and prescribe a supplemental program.  The prescription is made based on a careful analysis of your diet and dietary standards.  We can also work with your physician and provide supplements based upon your blood analysis or your physicians recommendations.  We provide pharmaceutical grade supplements of the purest quality from world-wide manufacturer Douglas Laboratories, Healthcare Practitioner Brands.

Direct Purchase

When you’re a client of Harris Training Systems, LLC you are able to purchase your own prescribed Douglas Labs supplements directly through our website.  Douglas Labs, Healthcare Practitioner Brands, has over 1500 different supplements and we can tailor your prescribed supplements into easily used daily packaging.  When you order directly from us, your supplements can be sent directly to your house ready for use.

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