Welcome to Harris Training Systems

Who We Are

Harris Training Systems, LLC is a versatile training, coaching, and nutritional consulting company designed for, and dedicated to, improving the health, fitness,  and performance of all those who seek our expertise.

Established in 1992 by owner BRIAN HARRIS, Harris Training Systems LLC has been responsible for providing cutting edge training, private coaching, physical therapy, corrective exercise, sports nutrition, and nutritional advice ever since.  It all begins with a proper assessment.  Whether the assessment is a functional threshold test, diet analysis, or a functional movement assessment, the assessment in the most important part of any training program.  With your assessment, we can then design a program based on potential movement dysfunction, nutritional imbalance, or metabolic insufficiency.

Once an in-depth assessment is made, proper programming and formulating a plan, which includes individual goals, can begin.  We will also sit with you and go over any goals and direction you would like to take.  The program will be for you, and only you, so fact gathering is very important.  Our safe and effective training models are set up and tailored to improve the movement and performance, as well as the health and livelihood, of athletes and beginners alike.  Brian’s vast experience in corrective exercise and physical therapy, gives the client a unique opportunity to not only improve movement and correct dysfunction, but also enjoy injury free programming.  No matter what the experience level or what your movement or training goals are, we will tailor make your program to reach your goals of health, fitness, movement, or performance.

What We Do

Harris Training Systems, LLC provides one-on-one coaching and training to clients of all ages and condition.  Brian Harris has 25 years of training and coaching experience.  From beginner to competitive athlete, we will help you reach your goals.  It is our goal to provide you with the most effective and research-proven techniques.  Our programs are safe and effective, incorporating bio-mechanically correct exercises that are suited to fit your individual needs, desires, and abilities.

Coaching services for specific types of athletes is commonplace with the Harris Training Systems, LLC programs.  Brian Harris has experience with the training of many different athletes.  This includes cyclists (road, track, cross, and mountain), triathletes and duathletes, runners, track and field, hockey players, tennis players, lacrosse players, downhill and cross country skiers, boxing, MMA, bodybuilders, and motocross racers.  All of these sports, and others, involve specific types of training variables which Brian addresses while training these athletes.  Most of these sports he has competed in himself, so he knows the demands and mental strategies each sport entails.

Nutritional and supplemental consultation is another very important aspect of Harris Training Systems, LLC.  We deliver sound information on nutrition and supplement prescription.  With all the nutritional advice in the news, it can be very difficult to know what to eat, how much to eat, and what supplements to take.  We will help sort out the good information, from the misinformation and start you on your way to proper eating habits, sound supplements, and desired nutritional outcome.

For athletes, the nutritional component can make or break performance.  One cannot train at high levels with poor dietary intake.  Brian Harris has a vast level of knowledge to help any athlete better achieve their goals of improved athletic performance.  Sports nutrition can sometimes bring an athlete to a level once thought not reachable.   Whether it is purely dietary or supplemental, don’t let your nutritional intake hamper your training and competing.

Why It Works

Harris Training Systems provides one-on-one coaching, and nutritional programming to clients of all ages and condition.  Every program is tailored to meet each individuals needs based on age, ability, health concerns, injuries, movement concerns, and lifestyle.  The programs work because they are based on years of research proven techniques.  Each program is designed specifically for the individual, and your input is very important to your own success.

Whether an able athlete or a driven beginner, it is our goal to satisfy all individuals with mechanically sound movement concepts and proper nutritional advice.  Guidance that helps an athlete grasp the road to better performance, or information to help one on the road to better health, is the cornerstone of Brian’s philosophy.

Harris Training Systems  specialty is in the area of research proven training, coaching, nutritional support, and supplemental prescription. Our regular customers particularly value our dedication to current knowledge and research proven training, and nutritional support.  We don’t do anything with a client that is not research proven.  Let Harris Training Systems, LLC and Brian Harris pave your path to a new life of sound movement, improved performance, and improved nutritional habits.