All Services


Initial Consultation: 

  • $150/session
  • This includes an in-depth analysis of static posture, functional posture, movement tests, and flexibility assessment.  We will also sit and go over health history, and any other input you have.  This assessment is the cornerstone of programming and building a personalized program just for you.  This session usually lasts 60 minutes.

Training Fee’s: 

  • $120/session (50-60 minutes/session)
  • $160/session for training sessions or cycling sessions that include Brian Harris as a participant



Consultation Fee’s:

  • $120/session  (50-60 minutes/session)
  • Contact us for pricing on Diet Analysis, Diet programming, Supplement Prescription, and Sports Nutrition Programming



BRONZE:  $200/month

  • Hand built training program designed specifically for your needs and cycling desires.
  • 4-week plan with training days, rest days, and active rest days.  The plan is periodized to help you reach your full potential.
  • Email contact with your coach during the month.
  • A month end review of your training progress will take place during the last week of the program.  This review will be phone based, and help in the planning of the upcoming month of programming.

SILVER:  $350/month

  • Everything included from above, with the addition of the following bullet points.
  • Strength and conditioning program built into the plan.
  • 45 minute in person assessment of movement capabilities, injuries, and dysfunction.
  • 45 minute in person workout to go over the strength and conditioning program that has been built just for you.
  • The strength and conditioning program will then be incorporated into the monthly program.
  • Following months will only include one 60 minute in person workout to go over new exercises and any factors that maybe limiting your progress.  (There will be no need for a new assessment).

GOLD:  $500/month

  • Everything from the Bronze and Silver packages, with the addition of the following bullet points.
  • Dietary intake questionnaire filled out by you.
  • 45 minute nutritional consultation, via phone, to go over a 4 day diet history to improve your performance.
  • 45 minute supplement analysis, focusing on sports performance.

*Triathlon and  Duathlon packages are priced $50 more per month due to programming of multiple sports.