Training and Coaching

Harris Training Systems, LLC provides one-on-one coaching and training to clients of all ages and condition. From sedentary, to competitive athlete, we will help you reach your goals.  It is our goal to optimize your conditioning, training, functional movement, and nutritional practices.

We will provide you with the most knowledgeable and research proven techniques in training. We provide safe, effective, and bio-mechanically correct exercise training programs. We tailor the programs to meet each individuals needs based on age, level, health concerns, injuries, dysfunction, sport, and lifestyle.

Many Forms of Training

Harris Training Systems’ concept is to provide a balanced training approach that incorporates all forms of training into an integrated part of a progressive training program. The forms of training include:

  • flexibility training
  • cardiorespiratory training
  • metabolic training
  • core and balance training
  • reactive training
  • plyometric training
  • functional training
  • speed and agility training
  • resistance training
  • specific sport training

We provide safe, effective, and bio-mechanically correct exercise training programs.

These forms together make up a systematic program designed to reach optimum levels of physiological performance and adaptations.  Our model is built on a foundation of systematic, research proven principles that progressively allow any client to achieve optimal levels of fitness or performance.  The models of training follow rationales set forth by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine.  These models, along with Brian’s concepts from years of experience, allow for a systematic approach to programming.  Our goal is to get you to move in the most functional of ways without movement dysfunction.

Custom Program Design

The Harris Training Systems, LLC  program design is a structured progressive system utilizing the variables of training including metabolic intensity, repetitions, sets, intensity, tempo, rest interval, volume, frequency, duration, and exercise selection. These variables collectively are the foundation of this system of training.

Systematically, these variables are put together to make up the Harris Training Systems concept on training.  The concept is to move from an easier platform of training, to a more advanced level, without the hindrance of injury or movement dysfunction.  This continuum provides specific training and adaptation periods that will allow for progressive, injury free training and/or competition.  With this method, an individual can overcome injury or movement dysfunction to accomplish the goals that were set forth.

Any individual, from beginner or elite level athlete, can achieve success using the Harris Training Systems, LLC method of training!