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Brian Harris has been providing training services for over 25 years.  He a leader in a very competitive industry.  He has three degrees in the training and nutrition field that offer clients a well-educated professional.  Brian’s degrees include:

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Movement and Exercise Science/Athletic Training
  • Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Master’s of Science in Human Movement/Corrective Exercise Training

Brian’s dedication to education and teaching gives him an ideal edge in the field of human movement and nutrition.  He has gained his knowledge to better his ability to educate and train his clients.  Brian’s first master’s degree in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition gives him the ability to provide diet analysis, diet programming, supplement prescription, and specialization in sports nutrition and anti-aging nutrition.   His second master’s degree in Corrective Exercise Training bridges the gap between the professions of personal training, athletic training, and physical therapy.   He teaches research proven human movement, injury prevention,  and training principles.  He continually stays on top of research and programming options in the field.  All Brian’s programs and  prescriptions are based on cutting-edge, research proven techniques.   If it is not evidence based, Brian does not teach it.  Brian is currently delving into his third masters degree in Sports Psychology.

Brian is an adjunct faculty member at Arizona School of Health Sciences: A.T. Still University, where he teaches masters degree level courses in SPORTS NUTRITION.  He hopes to someday teach full time at the masters degree level.

Brian is certified in the industry with the leading organizations in the field, including:

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association: CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) 
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Golf Enhancement Specialist
  • American College of Sports Medicine: Health Fitness Instructor
  • ACE: Personal Trainer
  • USA Cycling: Coach
  • Thai Massage Certified
  • Advanced Reiki Practitioner
  • Meditation and Sports Imagery Expert
  • American Red Cross: CPR certified.

More about Brian

Brian’s career in fitness and nutrition began over 20 years ago.  After graduating from Chapman University in California, he came back to Chicago to help build the first premier personal training business in the country.  That business, First Fitness, Inc., grew to have over 60 trainers.  Brian was instrumental in the initial success of that business.  After several years at First Fitness, Inc., Brian began his own training, coaching, and nutritional business.  The change allowed Brian to focus on building a business that really focused on the clients needs and goals.  It allowed him to develop his own training methods and systems, that focused solely on the clients needs.  It also allowed him to continue his educational goals of acquiring two separate masters degree’s within the field of training and nutrition.  His business, Harris Training Systems, LLC is now a well known training company in the Chicago area.  We offer exclusive one-on-one training/coaching, testing, and nutritional consultation, sports nutrition, and diet programming.

Brian has worked at the Chicago Medical School helping teach first year medical students the importance of proper nutrition and exercise when having a private practice.  The program involved teaching the first year medical students the basics of nutrition and fitness, and how to assess an individual for baseline information on nutrition and fitness status.  At the medical school Brian also developed and taught a exercise and nutrition program for many of the professors.  That program would take place each semester for 12 weeks and helped teach the professors the importance of exercise and nutrition, as well as to hold them accountable for their own fitness and nutritional habits.  He also worked at the medical school as part of the nationally recognized Committed to Kids program for obese children and their families.  The program consisted of educating the parents and children on the benefits of not only exercise, but proper nutrition.  Each child was put on a specific diet that eliminated poor nutritional qualities.  The children, and their parents, were also taught the benefits of exercise to help keep their metabolism elevated and burning calories.   The Committed to Kids program involved the parents, as well as clinical psychologists, to help with the needs of the children and parents.   All these programs have been instrumental in developing Brian’s personal interests in helping others achieve their goals in nutrition and exercise, as well as implementing proper programs designed specifically for an individual.

Within the university system where Brian attended undergraduate college, he served many rolls.  He was an athletic trainer for the men’s volleyball team, women’s softball team, and staff trainer in the athletic training room for several other sports as well.  He also worked in the schools human performance lab testing the unique metabolic qualities of athletes and other individuals.  This metabolic work has been instrumental in his development to the metabolic testing of athletes for training programming.  He also worked for the National Institute for Cardiovascular technology performing exercise metabolic tests, body composition testing, and other health and fitness testing on various subjects.

Brian keeps his knowledge current by taking several courses each year to develop his knowledge within a specific area of focus.  His areas of focus are the diagnosis of movement dysfunction to prevent injuries, programming to eliminate that dysfunction, nutrition for health and aging, and proper nutritional supplementation, including his passion in sports nutrition.  As an athlete himself, the area of sports nutrition has always been a specialized area of focus for him.  He stays abreast of current topics by reading several professional journals and studies that pave the way to new and cutting edge information in the field.  Brian also has been trained in Pilates and continues to try many of the current trends in fitness and nutrition that are available to the consumer.

Brian’s personal achievements as an elite athlete have given him insight into the needs of many athletes.  He has been a competitive athlete in many sports including short and long-distance running (has run 15:15 minute 5k races, 30:45 minute 10k races, 73:13 half marathon, and a best 2:40 marathon); duathlon and triathlon (nationally ranked duathlete); bodybuilding; downhill skiing; category A motocross racing; and cycling at the category 1 level.

Brian transitioned from a motocross racer to the elite category 1 of mountain bike racing, and then to the elite Category 1 road cyclist.  He has been a competitive cyclist for many years.  He has won many state and regional championships.  He earned the recognition of being the American Bicycle Racing’s (ABR) Illinois Cyclist of the Year 1997, 1998, 1999, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  In the year 2011 he was named by American Bicycle Racing as the “Fastest Rider of the Year”.  He has won several mountain bike state championship races, as well as other age group and category wins.He has also been the USA Cycling’s and ABR’s Illinois State Champion for both road race and time trial several times (40K time trial personal best of 51:38).  Brian has also won the overall championship for the Mid-America Time Trial series for category 1 six times, and the master’s elite level several times.  He continues to race at an elite level today, and is competitive at high level racing in both mountain bike and road bike.

With his background in athletic training and sports nutrition, and his own abilities as a successful competitive athlete, he is able to fulfill the needs of any athlete.  Brian sets up sports specific training programs based on the needs of each individual and sport.  Programming is based on the individual’s own status and progression’s are based on scientific assessments of testing and training.  He also specializes in sports performance nutrition.  There are many research proven nutritional supplements and dietary intake improvements that can help an athlete achieve improved performance.  With improved nutritional support, Brian will help you reach your full potential.

Brian also has a passion for anti-aging nutrition.  As well all age, it becomes more and more important to age in a manner that will not limit and individual in movement, brain activity, or disease.  With proper nutrition and supplementation, the aging process can be slowed.  There is plenty of research available that shows how proper nutrition can prevent disease and movement related issues.  Brian’s knowledge in this area can help you age in a timeless, functional, and disease free manor.

Brian’s second business, Athlete’s MindCoach, LLC specializes in mental strategies for human performance.  The company has mental skills training programs designed for all athletes.  The one-of-a-kind peak performance programs bring together mental imagery and mental skill training techniques that will help you develop a stinger mind/body connection.  The programs will help the athlete develop the mental readiness and mental toughness needed to succeed in training and competition.  They will allow you to overcome the mental obstacles that can hinder success,  turning your potential into successful performances.  Please visit the website for more information:

Brian welcomes the challenge of setting up new programs for all people.  Everyone has their own challenges, and he looks forward to helping everyone achieve their personal goals or success as an athlete.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rangel


Harris Training Systems, LLC hires other staff when needed for specific work and has other trainers/coaches that are subcontracted for specific needs.  These includes coaches, athletic trainers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, physical therapists, dietitians, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, sports medicine physicians, and medical referrals.