There are two parts to any proper weight loss program: diet and exercise.  These parts need to coexist for the program to be a success.  Strength training and aerobic exercise must be coupled with a proper nutritional regimen to make weight loss or performance a success.  Whether the goal is to lose weight, improve performance, or create a healthier diet and lifestyle, Harris Training Sytems, LLC can provide a solution.  Harris Training Systems, LLC provides structured nutritional counseling to meet any client’s health needs, including: disease management, training, athletic performance, or weight loss/gain goals.

Our nutritional programs

Our nutritional program is based on American Dietetic Association rationale and includes models set forth by the International Society of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Brian has a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition.  Nutrition programs that we offer include diet analysis, diet programming, eating disorders, disease management, weight loss/gain, sports/exercise nutrition, anti-aging nutrition, and supplement prescription.  Each of these aspects will be looked at on an individual basis and programming will be based on the individuals needs.  We also use metabolic assessment methods to scientifically analyze your true resting metabolic rate.  This gives us a true number of calories that your body needs every day.  We can then provide specific diet plans based on this analysis.  It is our goal to help you reach your goals of proper nutrition, health, and performance.


During the initial one-hour consultation with you, we will collect relevant nutritional, behavioral, and health history, along with any other pertinent  medical information.  Together, we will determine your nutrition/health goals for treatment and how to implement small, realistic changes into your dietary pattern.  Basic nutrition education is provided and a meal planning may be necessary for you to accomplish your goals.   Our goal is to lead you to a healthier lifestyle with dietary changes that can be used by you for the rest of your life.


All of us get older, there is no way to get around that fact.  However, there is important research available that shows that proper nutrition can slow the aging process.  Research shows that fighting free radical damage that accompanies aging, with proper doses of powerful anti-oxidants, can not only slow aging, but increase mobility, decrease brain loss functions, and increase the strength of your own immune system.  Brian stays abreast of current research on aging and can help you age in a healthier and happier way.


For the athlete, proper nutrition can make or break the athletes goals and performance.  Harris Training Systems provides cutting edge sports nutrition for all athletes.  The nutritional program is based on the individual needs of the sport and the athlete.  This programming may include a metabolic assessment (so you know exactly how many calories your body needs each day), sports performance supplement prescription, and diet programming.  Each athlete and sport is looked at individually so that maximal benefits are achieved. Fueling your body is the most important part of a training program.  We use Douglas Labs, Healthcare Practitioner Brands, pharmaceutical grade supplements to provide nutritional/supplemental support to the hard working athlete. An athlete cannot progress to higher levels of performance without a proper diet and proper supplementation.  Don’t let your training or performance suffer due to poor nutritional intake, let Brian design your sports nutrition program today!


We provide individual cooking classes which will teach you how to make healthy recipes that are quick enough to prepare any day of the week and tasty enough for the whole family to enjoy.  All of the recipes are energizing, calorie conscious, and healthy.  Cooking and developing delicious and nutritious is an important part of learning to live a healthier lifestyle.  You may even want to take advantage of Brian’s expertise at the grocery store.  He available to shop with you to help teach you the basics of healthier shopping and label reading.  A healthy diet begins at the grocery store, so it is vital to learn how to shop for healthier and more nutritious foods.


We provide Douglas Labs and Pure Encapsulations, pharmaceutical grade supplements, to our clients after a careful dietary analysis.  See the “Supplement” link at the top of the page for specifics on supplement prescription.