Gym Design

Harris Training Systems LLC provides professional home fitness or commercial training room design, set up, and equipment purchase. Years of experience enable us to create perfectly adjusted spaces for your gym or household.

All equipment used in the rooms will be based on the household’s needs and individuals’ anatomical/biomechanical factors. Commercial design is based on the number of users, type of users, and the space provided. Fitness room design should be taken seriously, and Harris Training Systems LLC can provide the necessary information to do so.

We begin our fitness room design based on three factors: 1) the individual needs of the household or gym, 2) the space allowed, and 3) budget. Particular attention will be provided for biomechanically correct and properly designed equipment.

We provide full fitness room design, from individualized concepts to completion, delivery and set up.

The room will first be planned according to space allowed and a drawing will be provided. We can provide exercise room flooring, mirroring, and other specialties of training rooms. Next, a list of equipment that will be used in the room will be addressed and conclusions made based on the needs of the household, gym, or fitness room. Following this, Wistoff Industries will provide equipment delivery and set-up. At that point, the household, gym, or fitness facility is ready to take advantage of their new and properly designed fitness training room!