Corrective Exercise

The human body’s ability to move is one of the most important aspects of our existence.  Movement is necessary for us to perform daily living, recreational activities, and sports performance.  Movement represents the integrated functioning of many systems within the human body, primarily the muscular, articular, and nervous system.  These systems form an interdependent triad which when operating correctly, allows for optimum structural alignment, neuromuscular control, and movement.  Each of these outcomes is important to establishing normal length-tension relationships, which ensure proper length and strength of each muscle around a joint.  This muscle balance is essential for optimal recruitment of muscle groups, and maintain precise joint motion and ultimately decrease the stress placed on the body, and the chance of injury.

All of this translates into the efficient transfer of muscular forces needed to accelerate, decelerate, and stabilize the joints of the body.  This in itself is called the kinetic chain, or the interconnected linkage of all the joints of the body.  If there are faulty movement patterns within the kinetic chain, optimum structural alignment, neuromuscular control, and movement will be altered.  This will eventually lead to injury.  Corrective exercise is the basis of creating proper movement within the body and preventing injury.  It is also the rehabilitative aspect of allowing injuries to heal properly so that optimum movement can be employed.  Without optimum movement and corrective exercise programming, injury rates and faulty movement patterns will continue, and eventually lead to loss of lifestyle or sporting activities.

Brian Harris has a Master’s Degree in Human Movement: Corrective Exercise, and is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He uses a systematic approach to locate impaired movement, overactive muscles, and under active muscles.  Through static postural analysis, movement, and strength testing Brian will see an in-depth look at how impairments maybe affecting your movement.  Once the faulty movement patterns are understood for each individual, a specific corrective exercise program is set up just for you.  This program will address the entire kinetic chain, resulting in an in depth analysis of how your body moves and it impairments.  You will then go through a series of workouts to address your movement deficiencies and work towards a life of pain free movement.