Bike Fit

Brian provides personalized and biomechanically correct bicycle sizing and fitting.

We can provide any cyclist or triathlete with optimal bicycle fit that will improve performance, diminish chance of injury, and enhance the time spent on the bike.  Bike fits are based on specific anatomical and biomechanical aspects of each individual.

Bike fit begins with the proper purchase of a bike.  Brian is here to help with that, sometimes overwhelming, ordeal.  I will travel with you to a bike shop and make sure the bike is the correct size for your particular body.

After the purchase of a bike, we then fit you specifically to the bike.  The bike is set up to optimize each individuals anatomy using the specifics of bike type, saddle height, saddle setback, saddle type, forward reach, handlebar height and width, shoe type and cleat placement.  All of these aspects are an important, and necessary factor when setting up a bike for optimal performance.

This entire spectrum of fit will enhance the person’s joy and performance of cycling!

Please contact us with any specific questions you may have on proper bicycle fit.